Monday, October 6, 2008

Do you know MY Lord?

I thought it was important since I am writing my very first blog to help you understand where I am coming from. I am a Christian but more than that, I am building a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. I was asked this last weekend if I was prepared to answer the question about Why and What that means to me. As I pondered the answer, I was given a beautiful gift. This gift came in the form of a guest speaker that was brought in as part of a Spiritual Women's retreat of which I was co-chair. The guest speaker was a former Survivor China contestant and was a local radio host. She shared that being a Believer meant: Having a Firm Conviction, A Full Surrender, and a Life Style that Reflects that Surrender. I had a Holy Ah-Ha moment, as my friend, Kim would say. It was as if I already had these things but could not put them into words.

Having a Firm Conviction: Check: Yes, I have a very firm conviction. Jesus Christ officially entered my life at the age of 8, however, I don't think I fully understood what that really meant. I had a beautiful baptism. As a matter of fact, my Daddy baptised me. I still remember being dressed all in white and being led into the baptismal fountain. I remember as I held my nose and was dipped back into the cleansing waters. But, as the years passed and I became more free in my life, I adapted into normal "church" behaviour you know, attend on Sunday, go to Sunday School, etc... I never really started to build a true relationship with my Lord. As I aged, I realized that I have a Peace and Grace and had been carried through so many major obstacles in my life. There is no way that I could have been carried through these times unless someone else was doing the walking! In my full testimony, I say that the Lord saved me time and time again. Conviction, yes.

Fully Surrendering: Check: It was about 11 years ago when I decided to give my life fully over to Christ and strive to build a very personal and deep relationship with HIM outside of my "normal" church routine. It no longer was good enough to just go to church and be a good person. I started being more active in His word, I started to pray more and I started to seek God's will in my everyday life. Part of this full surrender included asking the Lord to identify sin in my life and in turn asking for forgiveness of that sin. Isn't the Lord wonderful? He forgave me the day he was nailed to a cross and his bloodshed covered every single one of my sins. Even if it would take me years to know it.

Having a Lifestyle that reflects that Surrender: Check: I am NOT PERFECT. I still mess up. I still sin. However, the beauty of being forgiven is the opportunity to start over again with God's Grace. I not only attend church but invite others to come and visit my church. I not only lead small groups, but I am on a committee that helps oversee and form small groups. I portray a joyful spirit in all I do. I give Grace to those who have wronged me and I ask for Grace in those I have wronged. I have a repentant heart and a great big ole loving Spirit. I have dug my roots deep in the ground so as not to be ripped out or shaken when adversity strikes.

So yes, I am a Christian with A firm conviction, A full Surrender, and a lifestyle that reflects that surrender.

Jesus died for me on Calvary. It is not something that I believe because I read it in a book. It is not something I believe because I have always been told it is the right thing to believe. It is something I know, deep, strong, burning and constant.

Guess What? He died for YOU too. Do you know my Lord?

This blog will be a testimony to my everyday life as well as serve as a soundboard for my convictions and beliefs. I hope you will find it inspirational and if you come to know my Lord, I will rejoice with you in Heaven.


JWalsh said...

Good for you my friend in Christ! I am so very proud of you and I know you will be great at this! I look forward to reading and learning through this blog weekly! Love you! Jes

Bodie Family said...

It is such a blessing to have you in my life! You are a wonderful reflection of God's love.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear more. thanks for sharing Amanda :))) Carolyn C.

Anonymous said...

Amanda, I'm so glad I found your new blog! I love it! You are a fabulous writer and I'm proud of your boldness. I can't wait to read more as you continue along in your journey. Love ya, Girl!!! Lisa

Kendra said...

Beautiful, beautiful post Amanda. You brought me to tears (like that is hard).

As a Catholic I think many in my church don't think about developing the personal relationship. I hope you keep up this blog. Even though our faith is different we still have a lot in common.

Manda said...

Amanda, thank you so much for this! I also had a "Holy Ah-Ha moment" (love that) when I read what your speaker said! I'm going to print those out to remind me daily.

Thanks for your inspiration!

Ginger said...

You do have a "great big ole living spirit". Thank you for being such an encouragement to me. I LOVE YOU!